Как добавить таможенный портлет в разделе Control Panel

Как может я добавлять таможенный портлет к разделу Portal Панели управления, как показано в следующем числе:

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Вот то, как сделать это:

  1. In your portlet's liferay-portlet.xml (you can check the DTD of this xml for more information on other tags) include two tags in your tag as shown:

            These are the two entries which are required for the portlet
            to appear in the control panel
            Set the control-panel-entry-category value to "my", "content",
            "portal" or "server" to make this portlet available in the
            Control Panel under that category.
           Set the control-panel-entry-weight value to a double number
           to control the position of the entry within its Control Panel
           category. Higher values mean that the entry will appear lower
           in the Control Panel menu.
  2. Also, if you don't want your portlet to appear in the Add Menu so that it is not put on other pages, then in your liferay-display.xml you can include:

               Adding your portlet to the hidden category would not display
               the portlet in the ADD Menu on the top-left-hand corner
  3. Build and deploy your portlet and you are good to go.


Кроме Ответа Пракаша К, ajaxable и instanciable, должно быть ложным.